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Aurezzi is a European oral luxury brand turning everyday routines into golden rituals.

Founded in 2023 by Noel Abdayem—the visionary dentist and entrepreneur renowned for sustainable oral health care through The Humble Co.—along with co-founders Joakim Grip and Alexander Ruckemann, they believe that people’s everyday oral rituals can be both beautiful, high-end, and focused on dental prevention.

Inspired by meeting one of the world’s leading houses in the luxury space, Noel developed his first product at a high-end boutique factory in Switzerland. The novel technique of gold-plating a toothbrush was so complex that the first factory burnt down in the process.

Later, with the finished product in hand, Noel presented it to DJ Khaled, who was excited to come on board both as an ambassador and as a shareholder. They shared the ambition to create something extraordinary in the ordinary world of oral care.

“We the best, so we brush with the best.”


It’s not just about oral luxury; it’s about creating moments of reflection and treating yourself when your day commences, or as it concludes.

This is the Oral Gold Standard: treat yourself.