Made in Switzerland, our 24K gold plated toothbrush is the optimal combination of engineering and design creating a visually appealing and stylish symbiosis of form, colour and function.

The world of Aurezzi is inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of its founders to create luxurious everyday objects on the forefront of engineering. The desire for timeless beauty combined with expertise in dental prevention and material research resulted in a unique and everlasting brand. The concept merges exceptional functionality with a design that transcends time and passing trends.


Aurezzi was developed to be an amazing experience. The exceptionally high number of bristles are densely arranged on a compact brush head. This ensures high-level efficiency: with each brushing motion, removing far more plaque than the widely spaced bristles of other toothbrushes.

Aurezzi bristles are so fine that they easily access the important grooves between tooth and gum to clean gently without damage. The Aurezzi bristles absorbs considerably less water than nylon, which is used for bristles in other standard toothbrushes. The bristles also remains stable even when wet so the toothbrush head does not splay and retains its shape for a longer time.


Our innovative, high-quality collection represents a fusion of excellence in oral care and striking aesthetics. The different colour variations adapt seamlessly to every surrounding by transgressing from a purely functional item to a design object. Our ultramodern design uses materials exclusively made in Switzerland and Germany, taking inspiration from the automotive and sports industries.