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DJ Khaled

Renowned GRAMMY® Award-winning artist and music industry mogul, DJ Khaled, is a partner and shareholder in Aurezzi, the world’s first
luxury oral care brand.

“First of all the name—it’s iconic. It’s legendary.
So happy to be part of this.”


“We the best, so we brush with the best. Aurezzi is much more than a luxury oral care brand, it’s a lifestyle that seeks to empower. It’s the oral gold standard,” says DJ Khaled. “With Aurezzi, your daily routine becomes an opportunity to boost confidence, well-being, and brush off anything that’s keeping you from succeeding. I resonate with that vision and am excited to take this company to the next level.”

“I wanted to create something unique in the ordinary world of oral care. From the
start, I knew that it was DJ Khaled that we needed to have on board. The result?
Aurezzi. The new oral gold standard.”


Aurezzi’s founder Noel Abdayem is expanding his entrepreneurial endeavors by venturing into another uncharted area of oral care: the luxury sector. In this new era, Abdayem has joined forces with consumer product experts Joakim Grip and Alexander Ruckemann to establish Aurezzi as the gold standard of oral care. Catering to individuals who want to turn a mere routine into an elevated ritual, the trio felt a partnership with DJ Khaled aligned with the brand’s goals and artistic vision.

“We the best, so we brush with the best.”