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219.00 SAR
Bristles Firmness
Bristles Firmness

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Cleaning the mouth of billionaires and the kicks of sneakerheads, this 24K gold-plated engineering marvel effortlessly removes stains from caviar, lobster, and champagne alike—leaving your mouth jewels bright and clean. It’s oral care; treat yourself.

24K Gold-Plated Handle: Skillfully designed for an effortless grip and optimal brushing angle, it offers a brushing experience that's second to none;

Exceptional AUZ® Bristles: Available in soft or medium firmness. Boasting over 5000 superior bristles, our toothbrushes provide a thorough clean that is unmatched, effectively battling plaque and aiding in the prevention of gum disease.

Elegant Design: Available in classic black and sleek white, our toothbrushes are not merely functional but also stylish accessories that complement your personal aesthetic.

Complimentary Gift: Comes with a white suede toothbrush case.

Product Aurezzi Toothbrush Gold/White
Bristle Soft or Medium Bristles - 5000 AUZ
Handle 24K Gold plated
Weight 30 g
Country of origin Switzerland


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